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North carolina


Two Fools Leather Goods and Fatboy Belts Home. Learn more about the legend and get your own Fatboy belt and gear.


The Fools

Learn more about the brains and the brawn of Fatboy Belts and Two Fools Leather Goods

Meet the team of fools

                                  CURT “GADABOUT” GILLOCK                                    TWO FOOLS LEATHER GOODS

                                  CURT “GADABOUT” GILLOCK
                                 TWO FOOLS LEATHER GOODS

The Head Fool

After hobbling out of the construction business, Gadabout turned to leatherwork as a hobby to break the monotony of a life as a househusband…and also to help quit smoking.

At first, his projects were focused on reproductions of Revolutionary War Era shooting bags and other accoutrements of the eastern Long hunter. He continues to reproduce a few each year for re-enactor friends.

However, with much encouragement from his very understanding and supportive corporate wife and a very special and talented artist friend, he soon expanded his work to portmanteaus and trunks…and now Southwestern home furnishings.

Curt always has a variety of projects underway at his home in Wesley Chapel, NC and is continually developing new designs. No two pieces are alike, and many are custom made for his customers.

Contact Curt at

“Don’t give me no plastic saddle, Just let me feel that leather when I ride”
— Nat Stuckey

The Fool in Training

The Head Fools first trainee! Chris works full time as a security officer, is a dad to 3 girls 1 boy and has the most amazing and beautiful wife. He spends his free time learning (what little free time he has with 2 new babies) from the greatest Fool, Curt.

Meathead (as appropriately named by Curt)  is learning step by step the art of the Fatboy belts and holsters along with pursing his own endeavor of kydex holsters and accessories. Now he can never be as big of a fool as Curt,  but he does aspire to be and he sure is headed in the right direction, just ask his wife, the Web Mistress.

Contact Meathead at

        Photo courtesy of J&J Photography

        Photo courtesy of J&J Photography


The Web Mistress

The daughter of the Head Fool and the woman behind the website!

Lulu has learned the ways of the Fool honestly as Curt's daughter. If you need any help with the websites or need to report a problem she is the woman. She will get back to you after making sure Curt and Meathead are kept in line and out of trouble!

Contact Lindsey at

You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything
— Aaron Tippin
Two Fools Leather Goods, Fatboy Belt

Lindsey "Lulu" whitley