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Two Fools Leather Goods and Fatboy Belts Home. Learn more about the legend and get your own Fatboy belt and gear.

Fatboy Story

Learn how the Fatboy Belt got started with the original Fatboy himself.

BucktheBuckle, Fatboy Belt

     Several years ago I got tired of wearing a belt with a metal buckle that chipped paint on my classic cars, left creases in my expanding beer belly, rusted because us fat boys sweat a little bit more, chipped the finish off of the bedroom floor at night, set off the metal detector at airports, & became entangled in my climbing harness when I was scaling the north slope of Mt. McKinley.

    Well I just added that last reason to make you think I was in much better shape than I really am. Makes a great story though. Also I got very annoyed at the belts on the market that were two pieces of thin leather stitched together to make consumers think they were of adequate thickness to be a good belt (hogwash). Because after we pay 25 to 30 bucks for one of these supposedly adequate belts which after being worn for a month or so roll from the strain of us fat boys ever expanding waist lines (& my wife tells me I look like a pot roast with a string tied around it when I take off my shirt on the beach on the Riviera). Well at least I had on bermuda shorts & my ever faithful combat boots on, I wonder what she would say, if I had bought that thong at the duty free shop?



Well nonetheless, I decided to put my leather expertise to work & design what I believe to be the best belt on the market today. Introducing (drumroll) Fat Boy Belts by Two Fools Leather Goods. These soon to be world famous belts are made from one piece of 10-12, or 14-16 oz. English Harness Leather. This stuff is used for Draft Horse harnesses surely it will hold up to a little strain from my expanding waist line. Over several years of testing & a couple of tweaks to the design on myself & several of my hunting buddies they are the only belt we now wear. Heck, I have even made them for skinny fellers who swear they are the best damn gun belts available. They haven’t chipped paint, left creases, rusted, became entangled in any climbing harness on my recent expeditions, (hey it makes the story flow), or caused any problems at the airport (other than a traffic jam when the nimrod TSA agent makes you remove it & all the other fat boys in line want to know where you found such an innovative, sturdy, & downright smart looking belt).That’s my cue to start handing out cards (which causes even more of a backup).



Two Fools Leather Goods

Two Fools Leather Goods originally started as Two Fools Rifles back in the 1980's in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Curt started mostly with shooting bags and crude leatherwork which helped turn the company into what it is today.


Reviews for the Fat Boy Belt:

I have had my belt for a couple weeks now and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a carry belt that will most definitely last many years.

I was looking for a belt without a buckle that would not dig into my belly and I could still wear tight enough to carry my heavy S&W 686 revolver in an OWB holster and hold it tightly against my body so it wouldn’t be noticeable under a shirt. I am a big guy with a gut that hangs over my britches a bit and when wearing a belt tightly the buckles would literally cut into me and was intolerable to wear anymore.

I did a lot of searching and found that buckle-less belts were not very easy to find and those that was out there all incorporated velcro and none really checked all the boxes of what I was looking for in a belt.

I stumbled upon Fatboy belts in some random forum I found during my search and on a whim decided to look them up. Everything I read was very positive and it looked like the man behind them was a true craftsman who took pride in what he makes and I got the feeling that he was doing it for the love of doing it rather than trying to make a buck. That is very important to me and I can relate because I enjoy making things for people as well in my little shop.

I placed my order and after a few weeks my belt arrived in the coolest packaging. When I took the belt out I was just so impressed with the quality. It was unlike anything I have seen in a leather belt. SOLID one piece of nice thick bridle leather unlike all other leather belts that are made up of several layers stitched together that eventually fall apart. This belt felt awesome the leather supple (best word I can think to describe lol) and at the same time very firm and rugged. And if you like the smell of leather you will love this smell.

When I put the belt on I was a little nervous at first at how it fastens and worried I would not be able to get it tight enough. There is a learning curb and it does help to break in the holes you will be using like the instructions say. After a couple days though I figured out how to tighten the belt to the desired tightness and it is truly second nature.

Bottom line is the belt is of the highest quality using the finest leather you will ever see in a belt and looks amazing with jeans or dress pants. Most of all though I can FINALLY wear a belt in comfort and honestly I was almost to the point of giving up. I will recommend you to all my buddies and you will be hearing from me again soon for one of your beautiful holsters!
— Roy, Facebook Review 2019
Great belts, great customer service.
Don’t hesitate to get one of these belts for EDC of your firearm or if you just want a good thick belt that will last a lifetime of regular daily wear.
— Scott, Facebook Review 2016
I received my belt today. Just wanted to commend you on some awesome work and the deep rich color. Kinda hate to wear it, the finish is so perfect, I know I am going to hate myself the first scratch I put on it.

I wear an IWB holster and can immediately tell the difference between your belt and one straight off the store rack. No comparison by far, your belt is superior. Also glad I could keep the $$ with an American artisan and in the South to boot!
— Anonymous Email, November 2015
Absolutely the best belt I have ever owned!!
— Ronald, Etsy Review April 2014
This belt is outstanding. For years I have looked for a quality belt that would hold my holster without losing its shape, and now have finally found one. I wish I had a belt like this when I was a police officer, since the buckle under my duty belt was always a problem. This is one high quality, well designed belt. Fast shipping, and made in America.
— Anonymous, Etsy Review, January 2012
I’ve been wearing one of Curt’s Fat Boy belts for a few weeks now and I love it. The quality is great, it’s very comfortable to wear, and is very stiff and sturdy. I haven’t used it as a gun belt yet, but I have little doubt it would hold up anything I cared to attach to it. Curt was very polite and answered questions I had right away. I am very happy with this belt and have recommended it to several friends already.
— Anonymous, Etsy Review March 2013
First impression? Damn! I loved it from the moment I cinched it up. I’m a big boy, and I’ve got a gut. This belt doesn’t dig in like a metal buckle would. It’s still a little stiff, considering how it’s only my second time wearing it, but I have nothing bad to say. I would gladly recomend the Fat Boy Belt to anyone looking for a quality gun belt, or just a belt for any occasion. Thanks guy for making such a quality product. Hopefully when I loose a few inches I’ll order another (a smaller size).
— Marcos, Etsy Review August 2014

Fatboy belts review from The Armory Channel

Absolutely the best belt I’ve ever owned and also the longest one has ever lasted for me.
— Nick, Facebook Review 2018
Best. Belts. Ever.
Never sets off airport security l when traveling.
Strong enough to support any holster/carry combo you put on it.
— Darren, Facebook Review 2017
This belt is fantastic. It is so far above and beyond anything else I have ever owned. I work as a landscaper and I’m all day on the mower and getting in and out of my truck. My old belts were always digging in, but now I can go a whole day and not even think about it. Great craftsmanship and fantastic communication and service from Curt through the whole process. The packaging is also something special. This truly is a high end boutique product while still being utilitarian. Great job, Two Fools! Can’t wait to get my brown one next.
— Anonymous, Etsy Review September 2012
Got my black belt that I ordered on Monday and I must say the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging. It was packaged very well and that made me realize that Curt really takes pride in making sure his products arrive in good condition. Secondly, the hand written letter with instructions for the belt was also something that told me that he really goes the extra mile with his products. Lastly and most importantly, the belt is very high quality, very thick, and well crafted for the perfect fit. Something tells me I will be ordering another one for myself, one for my father, and I will probably end up with one of his holsters before long as well! Very impressed.
— Zarco, Facebook Review August 2014
These belts are absolutely amazing. Curt does high quality work and his attention to detail and love of his craft are evident. Additionally, Curt was great to work with. He responded quickly to my emails and was informative and helpful.
— Patrick, Etsy Review january 2014

Fatboy belt review from Triangle Tactical